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About Organizer

  Sudimna Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd

About Tournament

Bhanswar Lal Memorial Cricket Tournament,Enroll Last Date: 05/25/2018

About Teams


Pool NameTeam Name
Group-ASudimna Cricket Team
Chennai Superkings
Kings X1 Punjab
ngt warriours
Rj Warriours
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Crick walk
Nizambad Warriors
Chennai Wings

Schedule Matches

MatchesRoundMatch DateVenue/GroundStatus
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-May 19 2018 8:00AMadsdfsScheduled
maniKonda Team / Crick walk-May 19 2018 8:00AMadsdfsCompleted
ngt warriours / Nizambad Warriors-May 19 2018 8:00AMadsdfsCompleted
Rj Warriours / TeamOne-May 19 2018 8:00AMadsdfsCompleted
Sudimna Cricket Team / maniKonda Team-May 19 2018 8:04PMadsdfsCompleted
Team 5 / Crick walk-May 19 2018 8:30PMadsdfsCompleted
Sudimna Cricket Team / Team 5-May 19 2018 9:00PMadsdfsCompleted
Team 5 / ngt warriours-May 19 2018 9:30PMadsdfsCompleted
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-May 20 2018 9:00AMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Completed
Sudimna Cricket Team / maniKonda Team-May 21 2018 6:00PMadsdfsCompleted
Team 5 / Sudimna Cricket Team-May 22 2018 6:30PMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Scheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / Crick walk-May 23 2018 6:00PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-May 24 2018 5:00PMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Scheduled
GRk / Sudimna Cricket Team-May 24 2018 6:30PMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Scheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / Chennai Superkings-May 25 2018 5:00PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-May 25 2018 6:00PMadsdfsScheduled
Chennai Superkings / Rj Warriours-May 25 2018 7:30PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / Rj Warriours-May 25 2018 7:45PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-May 25 2018 9:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Sunrisers Hyderabad / Chennai Wings-May 25 2018 9:45PMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Scheduled
Sunrisers Hyderabad / Chennai Wings-May 26 2018 6:00PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / Crick walk-Jun 12 2018 5:20PMadsdfsScheduled
Sudimna Cricket Team / GRk-Dec 6 2018 12:00AMadsdfsScheduled

Match Scores

 RoundDateVenue/GroundShare it
maniKonda Team Vs Crick walk  5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
ngt warriours Vs Nizambad Warriors  5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
Rj Warriours Vs TeamOne  5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
Sudimna Cricket Team Vs maniKonda Team  5/19/2018 8:04:00 PMadsdfs
Team 5 Vs Crick walk  5/19/2018 8:30:00 PMadsdfs
Sudimna Cricket Team Vs Team 5  5/19/2018 9:00:00 PMadsdfs
Team 5 Vs ngt warriours  5/19/2018 9:30:00 PMadsdfs
Sudimna Cricket Team Vs GRk  5/20/2018 9:00:00 AMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1
Sudimna Cricket Team Vs maniKonda Team  5/21/2018 6:00:00 PMadsdfs
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Top 5 Batsman

Player NamePlayedTotalRunsTeam
corpteq30 Team33163Kings X1 Punjab
corpteq24 Team29130Sudimna Cricket Team
corpteq43 Team47123Sudimna Cricket Team
corpteq42 Team43113Sudimna Cricket Team
corpteq41 Team48102Sudimna Cricket Team

Top 5 Bowlers

Player NamePlayedRuns GivenWicketsTeam
Arish GT6999Chennai Superkings
corpteq41 Team4121557Sudimna Cricket Team
corpteq13 Team23376GRk
corpteq24 Team2121525Sudimna Cricket Team
corpteq11 team_14294GRk

Man of the Matches

Man of the matchMatchDateVenue/Ground
corpteq20 Team2Nizambad Warriors V/s ngt warriours5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
corpteq31 Team3Crick walk V/s maniKonda Team5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
Darshan ShahRj Warriours V/s TeamOne5/19/2018 8:00:00 AMadsdfs
Corpteq61 C61Crick walk V/s Team 55/19/2018 8:30:00 PMadsdfs
corpteq41 Team4Sudimna Cricket Team V/s maniKonda Team5/19/2018 8:04:00 PMadsdfs
Arish GTTeam 5 V/s ngt warriours5/19/2018 9:30:00 PMadsdfs
corpteq9 team_1Sudimna Cricket Team V/s GRk5/20/2018 9:00:00 AMATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1
Damu .Team 5 V/s Sudimna Cricket Team5/19/2018 9:00:00 PMadsdfs
corpteq30 Team3maniKonda Team V/s Sudimna Cricket Team5/21/2018 6:00:00 PMadsdfs

Team Points

TeamPlayedWonLostNo ResultPoints
Sudimna Cricket Team422014
Kings X1 Punjab312010
Crick walk220010
Chennai Superkings32108
Rj Warriours11005
Nizambad Warriors11002
ngt warriours20202

Player Bowling

Player NameTeamPlayedWicketsRuns GivenEconomy
Arish GT Chennai Superkings69999.17
corpteq41 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team1271558.75
corpteq13 Team2 GRk36377.90
corpteq24 Team2 Sudimna Cricket Team1251529.64
corpteq11 team_1 GRk44295.68
Corpteq92 C92 ngt warriours244011.42
corpteq39 Team4 Kings X1 Punjab24635.00
Corpteq91 C91 ngt warriours233517.25
corpteq31 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab33497.22
Shiva GT Chennai Superkings332511.67
Siraz . Chennai Superkings23517.34
Rashid Khan Sunrisers Hyderabad23145.13
Bhavuyk Goyal Chennai Superkings53414.87
Siddarth Kaul Sunrisers Hyderabad12318.00
Sandeep Sharma Sunrisers Hyderabad123010.00
Dwane Bravo Chennai Wings12216.25
corpteq8 team_1 GRk12286.40
corpteq38 Team4 Kings X1 Punjab22836.35
corpteq44 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team42425.58
corpteq45 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team42536.58
corpteq46 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team32528.89
corpteq42 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team72787.88
Corpteq51 C51 Sudimna Cricket Team4213210.00
Corpteq93 C93 ngt warriours224520.17
Corpteq56 C56 ngt warriours21168.50
Corpteq58 C58 ngt warriours21148.00
Sony6 Corpteq ngt warriours11217.33
Corpteq72 72 Crick walk21204.67
Corpteq74 C74 ngt warriours212412.00
Corpteq81 C81 Crick walk21185.75
Corpteq82 C82 Crick walk2194.50
corpteq43 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team41597.44
Karthik Corpteq50 Sudimna Cricket Team411198.53
Corpteq61 C61 Crick walk212010.25
Corpteq62 C62 Crick walk21279.75
corpteq21 Team2 Nizambad Warriors11420.00
corpteq32 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab31436.61
corpteq33 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab31518.17
corpteq34 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab31298.33
corpteq35 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab21245.84
corpteq16 Team2 GRk21248.75
corpteq7 team_1 GRk11297.25
corpteq10 team_1 GRk516210.80
Deepak J TeamOne111012.00
corpteq2 team_1 Nizambad Warriors111415.00
Srini TH Chennai Superkings213813.38
Pruthvi TH Chennai Superkings31198.33
Damu . Chennai Superkings41306.64
Ravindra Jadeja Chennai Wings11133.25
DL Chahar Chennai Wings11297.75

Player Batting

Player NameTeamPlayedTotal RunsStrike Rate
corpteq30 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab3163101.58
corpteq24 Team2 Sudimna Cricket Team913099.14
corpteq43 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team712398.32
corpteq42 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team3113155.53
corpteq41 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team8102131.50
Arish GT Chennai Superkings498141.13
corpteq46 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team397136.61
Damu . Chennai Superkings386109.32
corpteq9 team_1 GRk273128.92
corpteq34 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab27099.84
Corpteq61 C61 Crick walk467115.82
F du Plessis Chennai Wings166157.14
Bhavuyk Goyal Chennai Superkings464110.47
corpteq10 team_1 GRk563143.43
Corpteq52 C52 Crick walk460121.73
corpteq47 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team35584.09
Mansoor TH Chennai Superkings252135.90
corpteq13 Team2 GRk351190.60
corpteq16 Team2 GRk251117.51
Corpteq93 C93 ngt warriours247263.40
Corpteq92 C92 ngt warriours246206.06
corpteq44 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team64377.00
corpteq35 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab343101.52
Carlos Brathwaite Sunrisers Hyderabad143153.57
corpteq45 Team4 Sudimna Cricket Team541105.00
corpteq8 team_1 GRk239127.78
Ankush Sharma Rj Warriours338182.87
Pavan Kumar Rj Warriours236225.00
corpteq11 team_1 GRk435132.50
Corpteq64 C64 Crick walk335111.91
corpteq32 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab232132.92
corpteq38 Team4 Kings X1 Punjab131119.23
Manish GT Chennai Superkings231217.86
Corpteq72 72 Crick walk130111.11
Corpteq51 C51 Sudimna Cricket Team429114.76
Corpteq73 C73 Crick walk12865.12
corpteq31 Team3 Kings X1 Punjab328111.11
Darshan Shah Rj Warriours228120.00
Animesh Kumar Rj Warriours327183.33
corpteq7 team_1 GRk12692.86
Corpteq56 C56 ngt warriours126123.81
Karthik Corpteq50 Sudimna Cricket Team425162.50
Shailesh Pawar Rj Warriours124240.00
Yousuf Pathan Sunrisers Hyderabad12482.76
KS Williams Sunrisers Hyderabad124160.00
Suresh Raina Chennai Wings122169.23
DL Chahar Chennai Wings220138.89
Sumit S Rj Warriours118200.00
vamshi vamshi Nizambad Warriors117130.77
Sony6 Corpteq ngt warriours117340.00
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