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Global Sport Association... 2018
  Global Sport Association

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GSA RRT Test Cricket IV,Enroll Last Date: 05/11/2018

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Schedule Matches

MatchesRoundMatch DateVenue/GroundStatus
Corpteq50 / bye1   
Corpteq54 / bye2   
Corpteq53 / bye3   
Corpteq51 / Corpteq534To Be DecidedTo Be Decided 
Corpteq52 / bye4   
Corpteq50 / Corpteq525To Be DecidedTo Be Decided 
Corpteq51 / bye5   
Corpteq52 / Corpteq531May 11 2018 4:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundCompleted
Corpteq53 / Corpteq545May 11 2018 5:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq51 / Corpteq541May 11 2018 5:30PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq50 / Corpteq532May 11 2018 6:30PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq51 / Corpteq522May 11 2018 7:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq50 / Corpteq513May 11 2018 8:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq52 / Corpteq543May 12 2018 8:00PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
Corpteq50 / Corpteq544May 15 2018 8:30PMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled

Match Scores

 RoundDateVenue/GroundShare it
Corpteq52 Vs Corpteq53 15/11/2018 4:00:00 PMAlia Madrasa Sports Ground
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Top 5 Batsman

Player NamePlayedTotalRunsTeam
Corpteq52 C522137Corpteq50
mahesh jai294Corpteq50
Sumanth Sai258Corpteq50
Corpteq61 C61152Corpteq51
KING khhan343Corpteq54

Top 5 Bowlers

Player NamePlayedRuns GivenWicketsTeam
Karthik Corpteq50263Corpteq50
ms d1183Corpteq54
KING khhan2142Corpteq54
Corpteq52 C522322Corpteq50
Corpteq63 C6321281Corpteq51

Man of the Matches

Man of the matchMatchDateVenue/Ground
NACorpteq52 V/s Corpteq535/11/2018 4:00:00 PMAlia Madrasa Sports Ground

Team Points

TeamPlayedWonLostNo ResultPoints

Player Bowling

Player NameTeamPlayedWicketsRuns GivenEconomy
Karthik Corpteq50 Corpteq502365.84
ms d Corpteq5413186.00
KING khhan Corpteq5422145.50
Corpteq52 C52 Corpteq5022328.05
Corpteq63 C63 Corpteq51211288.85
Corpteq64 C64 Corpteq512113413.34
sony4 BL Corpteq5220328.52
sai kumar Corpteq5220145.75
shiva kumar Corpteq5220436.88
hit man Corpteq5230286.83
NOODLES MASALA Corpteq5220175.75
12 lk Corpteq5310126.00
kk kk Corpteq5320169.25
laduu j Corpteq5310110.00
Corpteq61 C61 Corpteq5120239.34
Corpteq62 C62 Corpteq512075.75
Ram Ramakrishnan Corpteq5410156.82

Player Batting

Player NameTeamPlayedTotal RunsStrike Rate
Corpteq52 C52 Corpteq502137162.07
mahesh jai Corpteq50294160.00
Sumanth Sai Corpteq50258148.00
Corpteq61 C61 Corpteq51152118.18
KING khhan Corpteq54343101.14
ms d Corpteq5433188.64
Karthik Corpteq50 Corpteq50221117.27
Corpteq62 C62 Corpteq5111875.00
12 lk Corpteq53215125.00
NOODLES MASALA Corpteq5231497.62
Corpteq63 C63 Corpteq51112109.09
sai kumar Corpteq52210106.25
laduu j Corpteq5328100.00
Rama Chinta Corpteq5015166.67
Ram Ramakrishnan Corpteq542583.34
hit man Corpteq523572.22
kk kk Corpteq5314100.00
MD ASLAM Corpteq5313100.00
shiva kumar Corpteq521150.00
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Tournament Winner

Tournament Winner : No winner declared

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