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Atlanta Cricket Academy -National Youth Cricket Tournament U18

Match: New Jersey United U18 vs Cricket Academy of Detroit U18 Match Date: 5/27/2018 8:00:00 AM  
Toss Winner: New Jersey United U18 Umpire1: Sai Commentator1:
Toss Loser: Cricket Academy of Detroit U18 Umpire2: yellow shirt Venue: ATLANTA CRICKET FIELDS - FIELD 1 Toss Decision: Bat

New Jersey United U18: Batting

Batting Out DescC/St ByBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Aman PatelCaughtJalal IslamAli Ahmed7955103143.64
Raymond RLBW Aniful Hasan190011.11
Sri PareBowled Ali Ahmed590055.56
Isiah JagernauthCaughtAli AhmedAli Ahmed10161062.50
Rishil PatelCaughtJahidul HasanShariar Hussain240050.00
Rohan ArvindStumpedHrishikesh DasAli Ahmed44614072.13
Parth PatelCaughtJahidul HasanMohammed Jihan12231052.17
Ajitesh BhaduriyaLBW Rayhan Ahmed8150053.33
Jainil PatelLBW Shariar Hussain8047113170.21
Preet ShahCaughtAniful HasanAli Ahmed02000.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
23/1, 42/2, 42/3, 56/4, 84/5, 179/6, 195/7, 243/8, 252/9, 268/10,
Total Wickets: 10

Cricket Academy of Detroit U18: Bowling

Mohammed Jihan7.00481036.857
Mahbub Khan8.00450445.625
Ali Ahmed8.01565007.000
Sultan Ahmed1.002200022.000
Jahidul Hasan7.00490047.000
Aniful Hasan2.00171028.500
Shariar Hussain6.30311024.920

Cricket Academy of Detroit U18 : Batting

Batting Out DescC/St byBowlerRunsBallsFoursSixesSR
Ali AhmedCaught Preet Shah6556130116.07
Noman AhmedCaughtIsiah JagernauthRohan Arvind181820100.00
Shariar HussainLBW Aman Patel6141042.86
Mahbub KhanNot Out  45547183.33
Hrishikesh DasCaughtPreet ShahPreet Shah10182055.56
Tahmid IslamBowled Preet Shah180012.50
Jahidul HasanLBW Preet Shah02000.00
Mohammed JihanCaughtRaymond RAman Patel03000.00
Shah MashudLBW Preet Shah03000.00
Aniful HasanCaughtRaymond RAman Patel02000.00
Sultan AhmedBowled Preet Shah02000.00
Extras: Wides Nobes Byes Leg Byes
25/1, 31/2, 45/3, 78/4, 97/5, 124/6, 145/7, 156/8, 170/9, 174/10,
Total Wickets: 10

New Jersey United U18 : Bowling

Rohan Arvind5.00221034.400
Rishil Patel3.003200210.666
Aman Patel7.01343004.857
Raymond R5.01350007.000
Preet Shah7.00280004.000
Parth Patel3.00236007.666
Match Output: Normal New Jersey United U18 Points: 10 Cricket Academy of Detroit U18 Points: 5
Man of the Match Aman Patel
Match Summary:
New Jersey United won by 94 Runs.