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  Atlanta Cricket Acedemy

About Tournament

ACA,Enroll Last Date: 04/29/2018

About Teams


Pool NameTeam Name
Pool ATeamOne
Pool BTeamTwo

Schedule Matches

MatchesRoundMatch DateVenue/GroundStatus
TeamOne / TeamTwo-Apr 29 2018 9:00AMAlia Madrasa Sports GroundScheduled
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 6 2018 10:00AMCENTRAL PLAYGROUNDScheduled
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 6 2018 10:00AMElementry School GroundScheduled
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 23 2018 1:00AMAtlanta Cricket Fields - Field No # 2Scheduled
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 23 2018 8:00AMAtlanta Cricket Fields - Field No # 2Scheduled
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 23 2018 8:00AMAtlanta Cricket Fields - Field No # 2Scheduled

Match Scores

No Matches Held
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Top 5 Batsman

Player NamePlayedTotalRunsTeam
Ishaan Roy150TeamOne
Viraj Vaghela149TeamOne
Akhil Posa16TeamOne
Yash Verma15TeamOne
Vinay Polaku14TeamOne

Top 5 Bowlers

Player NamePlayedRuns GivenWicketsTeam
Ateendra Subramanian1272TeamTwo
Rishi Pandey1162TeamTwo
Uma Shankar Kulasekaran1221TeamTwo
Sameer Syed1181TeamTwo
Vihaan Jaiswal121TeamTwo

Man of the Matches


Team Points

No Teams Exist

Player Bowling

Player NameTeamPlayedWicketsRuns GivenEconomy
Ateendra Subramanian TeamTwo12276.75
Rishi Pandey TeamTwo12165.33
Uma Shankar Kulasekaran TeamTwo11225.50
Sameer Syed TeamTwo11184.50
Vihaan Jaiswal TeamTwo1122.00
Yash Verma TeamOne1100.00
Abhigna Vijjaparapu TeamTwo10133.25
Pranay Kapadia TeamTwo10299.67

Player Batting

Player NameTeamPlayedTotal RunsStrike Rate
Ishaan Roy TeamOne150172.41
Viraj Vaghela TeamOne14998.00
Akhil Posa TeamOne16120.00
Yash Verma TeamOne1545.45
Vinay Polaku TeamOne1430.77
Abhiram Kalvakuntla TeamOne1480.00
Nitish N TeamOne14100.00
Teja Virupa TeamOne1421.05
Teja Annamraju TeamOne1112.50
Uma Shankar Kulasekaran TeamTwo100.00
Varun Kaithi TeamTwo100.00
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Tournament Winner

Tournament Winner : No winner declared

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No Committe members available

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