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About Organizer

  Atlanta Cricket Acedemy

About Tournament

ACA Internal Practice Game Second Session,Enroll Last Date: 04/28/2018

About Teams


Pool NameTeam Name
Pool ATeamOne
Pool BTeamTwo

Schedule Matches

MatchesRoundMatch DateVenue/GroundStatus
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 6 2018 10:00AMBB Block, Salt Lake Sector 1Completed
TeamOne / TeamTwo-May 11 2018 10:00AMCENTRAL PLAYGROUNDScheduled

Match Scores

 RoundDateVenue/GroundShare it
TeamOne Vs TeamTwo  5/6/2018 10:00:00 AMBB Block, Salt Lake Sector 1
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Top 5 Batsman

Player NamePlayedTotalRunsTeam
Viraj Vaghela177TeamOne
Ishaan Roy168TeamTwo
Abhiram Kalvakuntla129TeamOne
Teja Annamraju124TeamTwo
Vinay Polaku118TeamTwo

Top 5 Bowlers

Player NamePlayedRuns GivenWicketsTeam
Ateendra Subramanian1134TeamTwo
Abhiram Kalvakuntla1212TeamOne
Viraj Vaghela1192TeamOne
Sameer Syed1181TeamOne
Zyaan Zyaan1221TeamTwo

Man of the Matches

Man of the matchMatchDateVenue/Ground
Viraj VaghelaTeamOne V/s TeamTwo5/6/2018 10:00:00 AMBB Block, Salt Lake Sector 1

Team Points

TeamPlayedWonLostNo ResultPoints

Player Bowling

Player NameTeamPlayedWicketsRuns GivenEconomy
Ateendra Subramanian TeamTwo14133.25
Abhiram Kalvakuntla TeamOne12215.25
Viraj Vaghela TeamOne12194.75
Sameer Syed TeamOne11186.00
Zyaan Zyaan TeamTwo112211.00
Rishi Pandey TeamOne11268.67
Ishaan Roy TeamTwo112811.20
Pranay Kapadia TeamTwo11186.00
Samanyu Vemuri TeamOne1199.00
Akhil Posa TeamOne10258.33
Abhigna Vijjaparapu TeamOne10115.50
Toyesh Toyesh TeamTwo10110.00
Shouriya Shouriya TeamTwo10189.00
Teja Annamraju TeamTwo20345.27
Nitish Sudini TeamOne1022.00

Player Batting

Player NameTeamPlayedTotal RunsStrike Rate
Viraj Vaghela TeamOne177183.33
Ishaan Roy TeamTwo168107.94
Abhiram Kalvakuntla TeamOne129116.00
Teja Annamraju TeamTwo124150.00
Vinay Polaku TeamTwo11872.00
Pranay Kapadia TeamTwo112109.09
Akhil Posa TeamOne11062.50
Samanyu Vemuri TeamOne1666.67
Shouriya Shouriya TeamTwo15100.00
Sameer Syed TeamOne1444.44
Abhigna Vijjaparapu TeamOne1423.53
Nitish N TeamOne1250.00
Toyesh Toyesh TeamTwo12100.00
Varun Kaithi TeamTwo1233.33
Zyaan Zyaan TeamTwo100.00
vivaan vivaan TeamOne100.00
Rishi Pandey TeamOne100.00
Ateendra Subramanian TeamTwo100.00
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TeamTwo(Pool B):

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